Akounouka Dorce, Lony and Rachell (Haiti)

Akounouka Dorce, Lony and Rachell
Akounouka Dorce, Lony and Rachell

We have been married for 9 years, after meeting while working with an NGO in Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake. We have four daughters and one son; Lawryn, 7, Katryn, 5, Dafryn, 3, Femi, 2, and Saj (not pictured) born in 2020. Combined, we have a background in Mission Work, Real Estate, Construction, Education, Political Science and History.

After living and working in Jacksonville, Florida, for over 6 years, we felt compelled to return to Haiti (the United States’ poorest neighbor), where we believe our work will make a stronger impact in people’s lives. After arriving in Northern Haiti, we had several encounters that led us to found AKOUNOUKA, a mission that aims to assist impoverished communities across multiple focal points (education, housing and affordable construction, healthcare, environment, energy and development), by encouraging local involvement and connecting foreign volunteers to accomplish sustainable transformation. AKOUNOUKA is derived from a Kreyol phrase, “Ak ou, nou kapab”, which means, “With you, we can!” (learn more at: www.akounouka.org)

We believe the keys to lasting change in a community are local involvement, genuine partnership and meaningful actions; and, through our works under the organization and acts outside of the organization, we seek to love God and our neighbor while helping the poor, the needy and the oppressed. [Proverbs 16:19]