International Gospel Outreach
We do this by Training Missionaries, Educating Local Churches and providing services to the Body of Christ on Mission.

Nicky Gladkov
Hello Saints,
Grace and Peace from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 

I would like to invite you to partner with me in advancing the Kingdom of God in West Africa. I am currently in training at Christ for all Nations (CfaN) Evangelism Bootcamp. I am extremely humbled and honored to be trained by a general in the faith Daniel Kolenda the president of CfaN which was founded by Reinhard Bonnke. And the goal of boot camp is to build the special forces of evangelist. But this training and impartation is to be put into action. And as a requirement to graduate this program is to go to Africa for an on-field initiation trip for 3 weeks. Where each group of boot camp students will be conducting 5-10 outreaches a day. The previous boot camp in just three weeks had seen over 165,000 salvations in Tanzania. then these converts are placed into local churches where they will be followed up by pastors and then discipled.  

This semester of boot camp I have the privileged to be coming at the same time as CfaN flag-ship crusade. Where we are expecting to have upwards of 2 million people coming to hear the gospel and see a demonstration of God’s power. So, I will be coming along side and laboring to see this happen. And the Lord spoke to me and said, “Don’t be independent, Be interdependent.” Meaning to open a way for you to be a part of this great harvest and reward. And a way to do so is by sow a seed of finances. In Mathew 10:42 Jesus says, “And whoever gives one of these little ones only a cup of cold water in the name of a disciple, assuredly, I say to you, he shall by no means lose his reward.” So, by sowing your seed you are partakers of all God is going to do by partnering and sending me out. I truly believe this is good soil where you will reap a hundred-fold. 

 I pray that every seed sown will be multiplied to you. I thank you for standing with me in the call to “Plunder Hell to Populate Heaven.” There is much more I could say and share about the boot camp and the trip if you want to know more, I would love to talk and open my heart about the call God has placed in my heart. You can contact me at 417-551-3172. 

As of this current moment I cannot make public the country and city while we are preparing for security reason due to persecution and radical Muslims who keep a close eye on missionaries coming in. So, I was asked not to make the location public but when we are finished a newsletter will be sent out sharing all that took place. Thank you once again for your participation in advancing the Kingdom.

These finances will be used for funding the initiation trip, visa, vaccination, and accommodations while at CfaN. Which totals up to $10,000. I have partnered with IGO Ministry which is a non-profit that sends out missionaries and helps them with raising money. To partner with me, click on the “donate”

Together in the Harvest,
Nicky Gladkov