Saint Billy, Ines and Johann (Argentina)

Billy, Inés and Johann Saint
Billy, Inés and Johann Saint

Billy and Inés have been married for 21 years and have a teenage son: Johann, as well as two others in heaven. Since their early youth they have served God together, mostly as youth leaders, for more than two decades, and they travelled Argentina ministering and training leaders and pastors.

Both are ministers of the Assemblies of God and graduated from Jeruel Bible Institute. They are pastors of the “Family of God” Church, in Córdoba, since 2017. Although they are young, the Lord led them through different life experiences that have matured them and given them a broad perspective on life and ministry.

Newsletter September 2023

We would like to share what the Lord has been doing among us and through our ministry over the past few months, from the city of Córdoba, Argentina.

Basically, our service to God is based on four tasks: 1) Pastoring the Family of God Church, 2) Teaching the Word, 3) Preaching, and 4) Writing Bible studies.

Here goes a summary of our latest activities. At the end, we share some prayer requests and some photos for you to see, enjoy and glorify God with us!


  • In April we started a Couples Course, with monthly meetings, to strengthen the marital relationship.
  • Every Tuesday we gather to Study the Gospels and be challenged by the life and ministry of Jesus.
  • We have our Bible local institute for the discipleship of new believers and the mentoring of Christian workers and leaders.
  • In March we had an Inner Healing Course for 4 weeks. We addressed topics such as repentance, wounds of the soul, negative inheritances and occultism.
  • In February we had the first retreat of the Pastoral Team, in order to seek the Lord together, receive ministry and plan. In August we had our second one!
  • Every month we take the church to the streets, to bring the message of salvation to the lost. Sometimes we have our Sunday meeting right in the park.
  • God has blessed us with a beautiful team of teachers who teach the Bible to children. We have two classes: preschoolers and schoolchildren.
  • Our vision is to send approved ministers to plant churches and spread the gospel. In July we sent the Díaz family (Jorge, Nina, Emily, and Francis) to start a new church in the southern part of the city.
  • A few months ago, 5 souls decided to go through the waters of baptism: Giovanna (25), Celeste (12), Uciel (12), Gabriela (50) and Javier (27). Glory to God!
  • Every Thursday afternoon the ladies meet to pray and study the Word, and every so often the men do the same.
  • Last summer we had our first Youth and teens retreat. A time when the group was strengthened, and the Holy Spirit ministered to them powerfully.

PREACHING (See pictures)

The Lord has given me the great privilege of traveling and sharing the Word through different provinces of Argentina. Most of the time it is to minister to young people. It’s something I really enjoy!

  • Between July and September, I had the honor of ministering at several youth conferences: On July 8 we traveled with Inés to Salta. On July 15 I traveled to Santa Fe and on July 21 I flew to Misiones. I thank God for allowing me to sow in the Argentine youth and see them surrendered to the Lord!
  • I also had the opportunity to minister to several churches: in February I went to Santiago del Estero, in April I traveled to Río Tercero and in May I flew to Buenos Aires. In March I was invited to preach to a group of ladies from “Impacto de Fe” church. It was my first experience!
  • Last summer the Lord gave me the opportunity to preach in several youth camps in different Argentine provinces: Chaco, Entre Ríos, Santa Fe, San Juan, and San Luis.

BIBLE TEACHING (See pictures)

Another thing I really enjoy doing is teaching the Word in Bible institutes, and the Lord is so good that He has given me that possibility.

In March and April I taught “Gifts and Ministries” in two different bible seminars of Córdoba. In July I shared the subject “Leadership” in Carlos Paz, and in August I taught for the first time the wonderful subject “Pastoral Epistles”.


I always liked teaching the Bible, and from a young age I began to develop material to teach the Word to young people, then in the Bible School for adults and later in different seminars.

About three years ago I began publishing several Bible studies, and to my surprise, many churches today are teaching the Bible to their members using my material.

The last Bible studies I wrote are “Timothy and Titus” (pastoral epistles); “Inductive Study of Proverbs”, “Gifts, talents and ministries”, and “Pearls of Proverbs” (selected proverbs with application to the Christian life).

OUR FAMILY (See pictures)

Last, but not least, let me tell you that as a family we are fine, thank the Lord. In recent years we have learned to balance ministry, secular work, rest, and family time. It is not easy, but it is very necessary.

In March we had our family vacation in the beautiful city of Bariloche, in the south of Argentina. In July Inés and I traveled to northern Argentina to minister at a youth congress, and on the way back we traveled the wonderful Route 40, resting, sightseeing and spending a good time as a couple.

At the end of 2020, after the pandemic, I almost collapsed due to extreme psychophysical exhaustion, and because of that the Lord guided me to make some important changes: I quit my professional job (a quite a challenge of faith), I began to retire three days a month to fast and seek the Lord, and I began to do physical exercise.

I started running, cycling and together with my son Joan we do Table Tennis, which God used to relate us as father and son during his adolescence.


Finally, could you be praying for our family and ministry? These are some prayer requests:

  • For the physical and emotional health of Inés.
  • For the salvation of souls in the neighborhoods around our church.
  • For wisdom to train Christian workers and leaders.
  • May God allow us to mentor and send pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and teachers.
  • For financial provision for the church and pastoral family.
  • For protection on the thousands of miles when we travel to preach.
  • May God send revival to our church and city.
  • By outpouring of the Holy Spirit, healings, and miracles.

If you want to send a collaboration, it will be son appreciated. You can send it via PayPal or sending a check to the order of IGO, P. O. Box 1008, Semmes, AL 36575-1008.


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