We are here to help you GO.

Beginning in 2020, IGO has moved from strictly classroom training, to customized on-line training for those wanting to serve as Missionaries with us.

To get started, contact us using the form to the right, and the director of our Missionary Training Center will contact you for an appointment either on line or in person.

Once you decide to go with IGO, we will evaluate your existing training, then design custom training based on where you want to serve as a missionary.

If you are a missionary currently serving and are looking for an agency to help provide at home services, or if you just want to have a missionary family to belong to, contact us – we are happy to talk with you and see how we can partner together.

TUITION AND FEES: Is divided into the following basic classes. Classes may be taken for College Credit (an additional fee is required).

REGISTRATION: Per Person $35
Registration fee must be submitted with IWM application and is non- refundable

Per Person $500.00
Per Couple $600.00

Per set of books $150.00 (Couples may share all books)

Please note that IWM Tuition and Fees do not include expenses for Internship, which may vary per student, and internship chosen.

Registration & book fees are due when signing up for class. Tuition can be paid monthly as you go and completed prior to graduation.

Please complete the following information so that we may assist you in getting started

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